Why other life coaches and therapists come to me in West Chester for Life coaching

There are a lot of life coaches and I suspect even more therapist out there to choose from. Why then do so many of them come to me in West Chester for life coaching?

The truth be told I probably should not call myself a life coach. Because when you compare what other life coaches do to my “Life Mastery” program there really is no comparison. My Life Mastery program lasts only eight weeks and leaves my clients with a sense of peace and happiness that comes from inside of them. If one was to calibrate it on a scale of one to ten with ten being the best, my program typically leaves my clients at a 8 or 9! To call this anything less then transformation would be wrong.

So this is the reason therapist and other life coaches come to me. Any coach can sit down and write out goals with you. But if you truly want to change your life, I mean dramatically, then you must comes to the “coaches coach” here in West Chester. Once you have transformed you will then see your life begin to transform. Many of my clients go on to get married and make more money too. But all of them lead happier more productive lives.

So although I call myself a life coach, I do so only because I lack an adequate way to label myself and what I do. Perhaps if you are one of my many graduates, you could suggest another title?