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Hypnosis: How it Can Help with Sleep, Weight-Loss, Smoking and More!

Hypnosis is a therapy that, for many years, was considered to be unreliable. Studies have proven, however, that when properly used can be quite effective when used to help control unwanted behaviors. While you don’t lose control over your actions, character, or personality, you gain control over certain behaviors through hypnotic suggestions. If you are […]

Dealing with a Phobia

A phobia is a fear that is intense and irrational for the situation. If you suffer from a phobia, it can be debilitating. Fortunately, it is possible for you to overcome your phobia by using neuro-linguistic programming techniques. With the help of a life coach from Premier Life Coaching, you can conquer your phobia and […]

How to Build Self Confidence

In nearly every aspect of life, self-confidence is important. Despite this, many people struggle with self-confidence. When people lack self-confidence, they may have a more difficult time becoming successful. At Premier NLP Life Coaching, we are able to help people to learn how to increase their self-confidence so that they are likelier to achieve their […]