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Why choose an NLP Life Coach?

There are many people out there today calling themselves, “Life Coach”.  Most coaches are good at helping their clients set goals and use accountability methods in their effort to move their clients forward. These coaches have open ended relationships with their clients who go back to them month after month(continuing to pay the coach) Other […]

How to Overcome Your Depression

**Disclaimer: This article should not be considered medical advice nor used as a substitute for medical treatment.** I personally battled with depression for years. I was diagnosed with: depression, mood swing disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. I was referred to a psychiatrist who prescribed me a litany of drugs. I diligently took my medication […]

How My Life Coaching Program Works

I became a life coach in 2010 because my own life coaching experience was so profound that I knew I wanted to pay it forward.  My “Life Mastery”  coaching program is based in NLP  and changes the way people see and value themselves at both the conscious and sub-conscious level. Although the program includes only […]

3 easy steps to finding the best life coach

The coaching field is flooded. And many people are calling themselves life coaches now. So how do you choose the best coach for you? Here are some simple steps. 1. Ask if he or she offers a complimentary session. The best coaches will offer a free session so you can see if they are a […]