How To Use NLP To Understand and Influence Others

While neuro-linguistic programming can help you to change how you act within the world, much of it also involves learning how to understand others and the different ways that they view the world. People might believe that they have empathy but might not actually observe others very much. When you study NLP, you might find that you are much less observant about how others react to and see things as you learn about the practice. At Premier Life Coaching, we are able to help you to use NLP techniques to improve your understanding of others so that you might have more influence.

How interactions normally work

In many cases, when people interact with others, they tend to think ahead to how they might respond next, wonder how the other people think about them, and tune out occasionally while their thoughts turn to other things that they might have planned for later in the day. They may believe that they have a good rapport with others.

There is a difference between establishing a type of easy social rapport and being more observant of others. In situations that require careful observation, the ability to establish a deeper level of rapport is essential. One example that requires the ability to establish a deeper level of rapport might be a conflict or crisis situation that you need to defuse.

Cues that can help you to understand others

In neuro-linguistic programming, a large emphasis is placed on the close observation of others. In some cases, you might be encouraged to mirror the actions of others. NLP might observe more than simple movements of the eyes to observations of other cues, including facial expressions, vocal pitch, physical movements, and the words that are chosen.

When you learn about these cues and apply your knowledge to real-world situations, they can be very helpful in giving you a glimpse into deeper layers of reality. These surface cues allow you to enter into the world of someone else quickly so that you can see things the way in which they see them. This skill is invaluable and can be a key to success. It is an ability that can be used in a positive manner to help people around you effectively.

How to understand and use the cues that you observe

Neuro-linguistic programming allows you to go even further. It allows you to use the strategies of observation to understand someone else on multiple levels as well as to mirror some of these at the same time. Mirroring can help you to establish a deeper level of rapport. Skilled practitioners are able to use mirroring techniques that can help to build rapport without the other people noticing what they are doing.

In a practical sense, mirroring is meant to help to build rapport. When you are able to build rapport, you may then have a greater ability to influence the person with whom you are interacting. With NLP, you can learn techniques that you can use to match the state of another person before leading him or her into a different state. Mirroring, empathy, and rapport building can be used as starting points to lead into other techniques.

Improve your observational skills with NLP

The fact that NLP can help you to understand others better through observation does not mean that it is focused on manipulation. Instead, NLP allows you to learn how to influence others positively as a skill that you can use in your career and in other daily situations. It is common to think back to a particular situation and wish that you had said something that was more appropriate or had done something differently. It simply helps you to improve your observational skills so that you can interact with others in an empathic way.

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At Premier Life Coaching, we are able to give you the tools that you need to improve your observational skills and your ability to build rapport with others. NLP might help you to gain more influence over others in a positive way, which may lead you to more success in your career and in your day-to-day life. To learn more, contact Premier Life Coaching by filling out our contact form online.

How to Make Better Decisions using the NLP Decision Making Strategy

How to Make Better Decisions using the NLP Decision Making Strategy

If you are like many others, you may have trouble making good decisions consistently. It is possible for you to learn how to make great decisions nearly all of the time with neuro-linguistic programming techniques. One of these techniques is called the NLP decision making strategy. When you learn how to use it, you can make better decisions that can improve your life. At Premier Life Coaching, we can give you the skills that you need to improve your decision-making abilities and your life.

Recognizing reality

Some people have trouble when they are presented with a decision because they forget to be practical while recognizing reality. For example, they might purchase a car that costs more than they can realistically afford and then struggle to make the car payment and insurance payment every month. In the car-buying situation, they might fail to negotiate prices and might get swept up in the excitement, paying far more than they should. They might ignore what their needs really are and give in to impulsivity instead.

If you have this problem, you can help yourself to make better purchasing decisions by starting out with a written plan. You can write down scenarios in advance and how you will react to them. You can set a limit and make yourself stay within your budget instead of allowing yourself to be pushed out of it by a skillful salesperson. The best way to put an end to patterns of poor decision-making is to utilize the NLP decision-making strategy.

What is the NLP decision-making strategy?

The NLP-decision making strategy incorporate three of your senses into the process of your decision making, including your visual sense, auditory sense, and kinesthetic sense. When you incorporate these senses into the decisions that you make, you are likely to make better choices.

Going back to the car purchasing example, think about what it is that you do first when you are making a decision about a vehicle and what your initial consideration might be. Identify whether that first action appeals to your visual, auditory, or kinesthetic sense. Then, think about the second thing that you do. Ask yourself whether it appeals to your visual, auditory, or kinesthetic sense. Finally, you will want to think about whether there is anything about the car that appeals to the remaining of the three senses. If you can’t identify anything, you will then want to work on bringing that third sense into your process of making a decision.

You can then write a list of requirements that should be met by a car before you agree to purchase it. If a car doesn’t meet all of the items on your list, you can simply walk away. In the car-buying scenario, this can provide a way for you to find the car that will meet your needs the best.

This technique is not limited to purchasing vehicles, of course. Everyone has weaknesses that lead them to make bad decisions. Your particular weak area might be anything such as poor motivation, eating, times when you are faced with a difficult decision, or arguments. When you use the NLP decision-making strategy and incorporate your visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses into the way in which you make decisions, the decisions that you make may be better because you will have integrated more of yourself with your thinking process.

Other NLP techniques

In addition to the NLP decision-making strategy, there are a number of other NLP techniques that might be helpful to help you make better decisions while gaining the skills that you need to be more successful. NLP techniques are effective in helping people tackle a number of areas, including weight loss, smoking, career advancement, happiness, and better relationships.

When you come to Premier Life Coaching, we will use the NLP techniques that we identify as being the likeliest to give you the successful results that you want. We use a variety of different NLP techniques to help our clients to get more out of their lives.

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At Premier Life Coaching, we use neurolinguistic programming techniques to help you to change the ways in which you think and act so that you can accomplish your goals. This system is highly effective and can help you to change the trajectory of your life in much less time than other therapeutic approaches. By using NLP techniques, you can enjoy positive changes in a matter of weeks instead of spending years doing slow work with a therapist. To learn more about the benefits of the NLP decision-making strategy and other techniques that might help you to reach your goals, call Premier Life Coaching today for a consultation.

Why Nuero Linguistic Programming Works So Fast

Neuro-Linguistic Programming recognizes that all behaviors occur in patterns and are rooted in the subconscious mind. Another tenet of NLP is that we are always communicating. The person you communicate with more then anyone else is YOU! And the single most important factor that affects the way we think and feel is the deep structure of that “internal dialogue” of communication of you to you. With this information, a qualified NLP practitioner can help his students to influence behavioral patterns through the use of specific language changes and other types of communication changes (words only account for 7% of our ability to communicate) to enable a person to “recode” information that is stored in their subconscious. This results in new and better patterns of behavior. This also radically affects how people see and feel about themselves in a very positive and healthy way. Because these people now value themselves at a much higher level, they often go on to make significantly more money, many get married or get into healthy fulfilling relationships and go on to lead rich, fulfilled lives. Neuro-Linguistic Programming often incorporates hypnosis and self-hypnosis to help achieve the change (or “programming”) that the client wants to change. I have personally seen hundreds of people stop doing depression and or anxiety with lasting results after only a few sessions. The results you can expect with a good NLP practitioner are nothing short of amazing.