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“Although I am not a business coach, the large majority of my Life Coaching clients go on to earn significantly more money after going through my program. Why? You cannot out earn what your subconscious identity says you are worth. My life mastery program changes your self worth at the subconscious level. The result is that not only do my former clients go on to make more money than ever before, but they also go on to lead happy, fulfilled and productive lives!”

Fire Walking

People often ask me “Why fire-walking? would you firewalk? What is the point?”

I usually answer their question with one of my own. “What does fire walking feel like? How would you feel about walking on a bed of 1200 degree hots coals in your bare feet?” Most reply, “ You are not getting me to do that. That’s crazy!” “What’s crazy about fire walking?” I say.  “Doesn’t it burn your feet?” What I’m getting at is this: without ever fire walking, this person has made this conclusion (out of fear of being burned) that firewalking will burn their feet – that fire-walking is hot. Therefore they don’t want to try to fire walk. Reasonable enough.

But I do not want to live a reasonable life. I want to live an extraordinary life!

I have that same conversation almost every time someone asks me about firewalking. They have already made a conclusion about what will happen. Once we draw conclusions, whether it be fire walking or anything in life that challenges us, we begin to look for evidence that our conclusions are correct. We cut off any other possibilities.

Fire walking is all about possibilities; it isn’t about walking on fire for the sake of warming our feet or proving a point or having a story to tell at the next office party.

When you come to a Fire Walk Seminar, it doesn’t even matter if you walk across the hot coals or not, we never force anyone to fire walk. What we do ask is that when you step up to the fire lane, that you listen to you inner voice. If it tells you to walk, then walk. If it tells you  that this is not right for you, then do not walk. But we do ask one thing: make that decision to fire walk or not to firewalk based on trusting yourself to do what is right for you. Do not make that decision based upon fear. Far too many people shrink from their lives living with the fear that they are not good enough. When you learn to trust yourself at a firewalk, your brain will begin to re-code at the subconscious level. And when you do cross the hot coals your subconscious starts to question everything that you have told yourself you could not have, cannot do or can’t be. Firewalking will open you to all kinds of new possibilities and opportunities in life. You create for yourself, an opportunity to live an extraordinary life.

That is why you firewalk.

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