How Does NLP Life Coaching Work

How Does NLP Life Coaching Work?

Life coaching involves powerful communication between you and your life coach. He or she will question you in an insightful and thought-provoking way. This helps to reveal the way in which you view things, what inspires you, and what issues might be obstacles to your progress. At Premier NLP Life Coaching, we can help you to create a plan of action to break through the issues so that you can achieve your goals. Here is some information about life coaching.

The coaching process

Life coaching may follow several different approaches. In general, most life coaching styles follow the following process:

  • Clarifying what it is that you want
  • Assessing where you are currently at
  • Reviewing your options and resources
  • Creating a plan of action
  • Instilling motivation and helping you to commit
  • Tweaking the plan and helping you to stay on track
  • Celebrating small successes along your journey

Clarifying exactly what you want is an important first step. If you jump past this step, you will be limited from the beginning. Figuring out what it is that you want helps to shape your goals. Most life coaches start by using an assessment to help you to clarify what you are seeking. They will likely also measure your long-term goals. The goals that you end up with will serve as the inspiration for you to stick with your plan.

You will then assess where you are at the current time. Since you have already figured out where you would like to get to, you should take a look at where you are now in relation to that. Your coach will help you to assess that.

This phase will involve you looking at both your inner processes and your external circumstances. Identifying your inner habits can help you to identify things that could hamper your progress.

Your life coach will then start working with you to review the options, resources, and actions that are available to you to help you to achieve your goals. Your resources can include teachers, influential people in your life, paintings, music, books, mentors, or personal experiences. These resources can help you to reach your goals.

After you have identified your resources and the options that you have available, you will then work with your life coach to create your plan of action. This plan will be designed to facilitate you in moving from where you currently are to where you would like to be. It will contain steps for you to take to reach your goal.

After you have created your action plan, your coach will work with you to keep your motivation level high so that you can stay committed to it. Your life coach will also help you to stay on track by using a variety of tools, and you may be asked to keep a journal to help you to increase your self-awareness.

As you are working through your action plan, your coach will help you to celebrate the progress that you make along the way. It’s important for you to notice the things that you are doing right so that you will stay motivated and feel more confident.

What are the different life coaching models?

There are many different life coaching models, including the following:

  • Grow model- Coaches who follow this model work with you on brainstorming options, figuring out what you will do, assessing your reality, and creating goals.
  • Coactive coaching model- Coaches form an alliance with you and ask you questions to help you gain new perspectives, create a plan, and commit to your plan.
  • NLP coaching model– Coaches use neuro-linguistic programming techniques to help you to identify hidden patterns of thinking and limiting believes to help you to realize your full potential.
  • Positive psychology model– Coaches use the work of Martin Seligman to help their clients to create real happiness.
  • Ontological coaching model– Coaches help their clients to identify areas in their lives that have broken down and to change what is preventing you from fixing them.

Throughout the process, your life coach will support you and help to guide you. He or she will question you so that you can identify things that you otherwise might not see.
They will help you to identify meaning and limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. Finally, your life coach will help you to take appropriate action to achieve your goals.

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