How to Treat Anxiety Naturally

how to treat anxiety naturally

What is anxiety?

Anxiety can negatively impact your ability to enjoy your life. Anxiety can arise from many different things, including financial problems, work problems, relationship problems, health problems, and others. Some people are unaware of why they are experiencing anxiety. Anxiety occurs when your body and mind respond inappropriately to change or stress. While it can be devastating, it is possible to manage your anxiety. One method to help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety is neuro-linguistic programming. Dennis Carroll and Premier NLP Life Coaching use NLP techniques to help people to get their anxiety under control so that they can enjoy better life qualities.

What is anxiety disorder?

Anxiety is an emotional state that is unpleasant. Anxiety disorders are real, but there is hope. Generally the disorder consists of a prolonged feeling of intense inner turmoil and may also evince through nervousness. You may feel a sense of dread about events that you anticipate. Anxiety is different than fear. Fear is a reaction to an immediate threat whether it is real or perceived while anxiety is the anticipation of a potential threat that might happen in the future. People who suffer from anxiety may have difficulty concentrating, feel restless, experience muscular tension, and feel fatigued.

How to treat anxiety naturally

Neuro-linguistic programming is a natural, therapeutic system that uses a variety of techniques and tools to help people to achieve their goals. It involves neuroscience, linguistics, and the functions of the language that you use. NLP practitioners study excellent communication to help people to model the way in which successful people communicate. It helps you to change your thinking so that you can get rid of negative patterns and subconscious biases. NLP is effective and can be used in many different areas. It is used to help people to become more successful at their jobs, to increase happiness, and to help them to manage the symptoms of different psychological problems, including anxiety.

Dealing with anxiety: NLP techniques and anxiety

Several NLP techniques are helpful for anxiety, including the following:

  • Reframing
  • Altering your submodalities
  • Using relaxation anchors or trance

Reframing involves changing the way in which you view anxiety and stress. This can help you to manage the symptoms in a more effective way. Reframing allows you to harness stress so that it serves as a motivator rather than a state that detracts from your ability to enjoy life. You can begin by viewing your anxiety and stress as indications that there is something in your life that you need to change or to address. If you are able to reframe the manner in which you view the anxiety that you feel, it is possible for you to also change your reactions to it.

All people are shaped by the memories that they have. In NLP, the submodalities allow you to alter the impact that certain memories have on you in the following two important ways:

  • Making good memories clearer, stronger, and better
  • Making bad memories weaker

Submodalities in NLP refer to the components of different memories such as the colors, sounds, and images. You can use these features of your memories to make them stronger so that you feel better. You can also use submodalities to push away bad memories.

Relaxation anchors are strong NLP techniques for helping with anxiety. This involves you thinking back to a time when you were relaxed and calm. You can close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and focus on a good memory. Transport yourself there and remain in the state of relaxation as long as you want. You can then create a relaxation anchor once you feel peaceful and relaxed. An anchor can be some simple hand movements such as making a fist while thinking about your memory. When you feel stressed in the future, you can use that same anchor to bring back the positive feelings.

how to treat anxiety naturally

The goal of NLP techniques with anxiety patients

The goal of NLP techniques with patients dealing with anxiety is to help them to change their thinking patterns so that they can effectively manage their stress and attain happiness. NLP practitioners and life coaches help by identifying subconscious patterns that are revealed through the words that you choose. They can then build on these to help you to change the way in which you react to stress in your life so that you can harness it and turn it into a positive force.

Can NLP techniques cure anxiety?

NLP techniques do not cure anxiety, but they can help you to manage it in an effective way and to turn it into a positive motivator for change. With NLP techniques, you may find that you experience fewer episodes of anxiety, and you may begin to view it in a more positive way.

Are there medications that can cure anxiety?

Medications can help with anxiety, but they cannot cure it. When people stop taking anti-anxiety medications, the anxiety quickly returns and can overwhelm them. Some anti-anxiety medications are also potentially addictive and can cause harm. If you take medications for your anxiety, it is important that you take them as prescribed and do not abuse them.

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