How to Overcome Your Depression

**Disclaimer: This article should not be considered medical advice nor used as a substitute for medical treatment.**

I personally battled with depression for years. I was diagnosed with: depression, mood swing disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. I was referred to a psychiatrist who prescribed me a litany of drugs. I diligently took my medication as prescribed and yet I still felt depressed everyday.

Today I take no medication and am happier than ever!

So what changed? I went to a Life Coach. He taught me a different way of using my brain, a different way of communicating with myself. He showed me that in order not to be depressed I had to stop beating myself up with my internal dialogue. You can take all the medication in the world but if you continue to reinforce the feelings that you are not good enough, you will continue to feel depression. The life coach also showed me that the feelings of inadequacy I harbored was a universal fear. That ALL people have or have had it at some point in their lives. That fear of “not being enough” was tied to my subconscious identity and in order to overcome depression permanently, I had to change the way I saw my self at the subconscious level. He gave me homework and I went to work. I did the assignment over and over and over until change became a MUST for me. See we don’t always get our wishes or our wants. But when something becomes a must to us, we always find a way to accomplish it. And that is what I did. I got myself to the point that I was going to change or I would die trying. The result? I went from living in a rented trailer in 2009 without a family to owning 2 homes and marrying the women of my dreams. Today I can honestly say I am happier than at any other time in my life.

And that is why I became a life coach. I have been gifted and it is a must for me to pay that gift forward to as many people as possible. If you would like to learn more, call me or click the link to schedule a complimentary life coaching session.