Get Ready For a Great Life Experience! Here’s What to Expect:


Life coaching isn’t like therapy. We won’t put you on a big leather couch and make you tell us embarrassing things about yourself. Far from it! Life coaching is fun, engaging, and an overall great experience!

Judgment-Free / Embarrassment-Free

First, know this: Dennis has been where you are. He’s had times of his life and specific areas that he needed a coach to help him get through. So you’ll never feel judgment here—every man, woman, and child on planet earth is a work in progress. It is the help Dennis has received that pushed him to pursue the high level of training he has so that he could share this gift in a caring, passionate, and compassionate way with others. He feels helping others in this way is his life’s mission.

You Can Set the Pace:

Our most popular track, The Life Mastery Program, lasts only eight sessions. Each session is approximately one hour, so you aren’t looking at a lifelong commitment. In fact, you can even customize your journey in a way that works for your lifestyle. Our first session is free—and life-changing in and of itself! (Schedule a FREE Virtual Life Coaching Session! Seriously. You will never regret one hour that changes your life forever.)

What will a session be like?

Much of each session will be Dennis teaching both your conscious and subconscious using “conversational hypnosis.” Dennis is a certified hypnotherapist and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Master, but conversational hypnosis is very different than what you may picture when you think of hypnosis. There are no prolonged zombie-like states that will subject you to anything embarrassing. During conversational hypnosis, you may very briefly go in and out of trance states that last only seconds. All new learning happens in some level of trance (even in our schools—it is how we all learn). Since trance is a very natural state you probably won’t even notice. But it is during these moments that the subconscious mind can deal with the things holding us back and re-learn new ways of thinking—a very powerful combination!

What Changes Will Take Place in ME?

Each week you will experience an increasing level of fulfillment and decreasing experience of the patterns that hold you back, such as anxiety, stress, depression, anger, regret, fear, etc. You will still be you! NLP and conversational hypnosis won’t turn you into a zombie—it will simply provide the “ah-ha” revelation that you need to see yourself and life differently—to grow and help lay a foundation that can be used for the rest of your life. You will love the changes and feel more like “you” than you’ve ever felt.

Time Commitment:

In addition to the sessions, you can expect “homework.” But don’t worry. This isn’t like high school all over again. Homework will be specific to you. Homework isn’t designed to stump you, take up volumes of time, or to force you to do impossible or scary things. Much of this work is really just application or rehearsal of the things you are growing in as a result of the sessions.  Some of the homework will be reviewed, and some not. The more effort you put into the homework, the greater the results for you.

What Changes Will Take Place in Life?

Our graduates ALL advance in life—specific to their goals. The breakthroughs include emotional improvements (happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, peace, love, etc), circumstantial improvements (great relationships, career success, financial improvement, and more).

You and I will create your own vision statement, which becomes like your tracks in life. One of the areas at which we excel is in helping clients accomplish this part of the program. Many people do not even know where their tracks are—so they consistently get off course. Your vision statement will incorporate your top core values, involve yourself and others, and cause you to grow. Here is an example: “I, Dennis Carroll, see, hear, feel, and know the adventure that is my life is meant to be an example to all. I exude joy and peace as I consistently allow what is to be okay. I glorify God by loving unconditionally. I lead teach and inspire all who want my help. I am a celebration of life and love!”

By memorizing your own vision statement, you can easily keep yourself on track, thus sustaining a high level of happiness and fulfillment. You can expect to transform the way you think and feel, and that will result in the manifestation of many good things that will benefit you and the people around you.

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