Stop Smoking through Hypnosis

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Quitting Smoking

All people have some bad habits, and breaking them is a difficult thing to do. It takes determination and courage to make permanent changes. For people who smoke, quitting may seem like an impossible goal.

Neuro-linguistic programming can give you the tools that you need so that you can quit smoking for good. At Premier NLP Life Coaching, we have helped many people to achieve their goals, including smoking cessation.

Why is it so Hard to Quit Smoking?

Smoking is not just a habit. It is also an addiction. The habit portion of smoking is something that you have grown used to doing at specific times and in specific situations. In addition, nicotine, which is found in tobacco, is very addictive. When people stop smoking, they may undergo the following withdrawal symptoms:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Irritability
  • Cravings
  • Fatigue
  • Cough

When you experience a craving to smoke, you may have little willpower to resist the urge. Each time that you smoke a cigarette, you place yourself back inside of the never-ending process of attempting to quit smoking.

How NLP can assist you with smoking cessation

Neuro-linguistic programming helps you to quit smoking by helping to change your thoughts, behaviors, and reactions. It is a therapeutic model that was developed in the 1970s. NLP practitioners identify the unconscious thoughts that lead you to smoke and helps you to change the way that you think and react to cravings, triggers, and withdrawal issues. NLP is an alternative therapeutic approach that helps you to become a more effective communicator and to change your patterns of emotional and mental behavior.

The process of quitting smoking is difficult, but you can be successful. Your mind will be the key to you achieving your goal. You have to begin believing that you dislike cigarettes and what they do to you. This may require you to rewire the way in which you think about smoking.

stop smoking hypnosis

NLP Quit Smoking Techniques

There are several NLP techniques that your practitioner might use to help you to quit smoking, including hypnosis to quit smoking. Smoking Hypnosis basically introduces method is called anchoring. Under this approach, you start by thinking about specific times that led you to want to quit smoking. For example, if you became very sick with bronchitis because of your smoking, you can think about the way in which you felt. You will then want to visualize this experience and amplify the memories of it in your mind.

Once you have intensified your memory, create a negative anchor. An anchor is a physical action that can bring back the memory that you have chosen. You might try something like pushing your fingernail into your palm or some other physical act that is mildly painful but not overwhelming.

You can then reinforce the negative anchor that you have created. Every time you feel an urge to smoke, press your nail into your palm while thinking about the memory of the time that you wanted to quit. The images or memories that you choose will be specific to you.

There are other NLP techniques that can also help you to quit smoking. Your NLP life coach can determine which technique to use according to your personality and your needs.

How an NLP life coach can help you reach your goals

Quitting smoking is difficult for most people. Nicotine is highly addictive. However, cravings for cigarettes peak after around three days have passed before beginning to subside. The habits involved with smoking may be more difficult to break than the actual addiction.

It is important for you to identify what causes you to want to smoke. Everyone has their own triggers. Your NLP coach will help you to identify the pictures that you have in your mind before you decide to pull out a cigarette and light it. He or she can help you to modify those internal pictures so that you may be better positioned to resist the urge to smoke.

Premier NLP Life Coaching helps people to accomplish their goals in a broad variety of life areas. While quitting smoking might seem to be too hard, it is much easier when you have the help of NLP techniques. Dennis Carroll has helped many people to overcome their addictions to cigarettes so that they can break free from smoking. You have the ability to quit smoking, and NLP can make it a much faster process than you might imagine. To learn more, contact Premier NLP Life Coaching today and schedule an appointment.