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Dennis Carroll is a renowned life coach with credentials to back up his talents.

Dennis is:

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Certified in Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Certified Fire Walk Instructor

Dennis has help hundreds start living more fulfilled happier lives with the power of NLP. Still unsure? Scroll down to read our testimonials.

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“Dennis Carroll and his program have changed my life for the better! I have struggled with depression and anxiety most of my life. I was unemployed and getting out of a toxic relationship and therapy and medication was not helping. I needed something different and sustainable to learn to maintain my happiness. In 8 sessions I feel like my life has taken a complete 180. I am so thankful to have gone through this program and I highly recommend Premier Life Coaching to anyone looking to make sustainable positive change in their overall well being and happiness. Thanks Dennis!! – Kim Martinelli

“Dennis Carroll is a truly great man who knows how to understand your life concerns and shows you the skills to overcome them and lead a more fulfilling life. Only 8 sessions and your life will be changed for the better! The abundance of joy that is within us all will be brought out from you and shown how to put into action.

I am grateful to have him as a friend and Life Coach!

If your in a rut or feeling a little off in your life and need that jumpstart…he is your man! The things you will learn about yourself and methods to control and change your inner self are easy to grasp and follow through with.

I highly recommend Premier Life Coaching !” – Dan Imburgia

“Dennis and I have got together over the last 8 weeks and has really helped me learn about myself and has showed me how to overcome a lot of my own obstacles that I do to myself. I dont want to get in detail but he’s really just a genuine person that truly loves helping people. If your struggling with business growth/development, or personal confidence he can really be that person to guide you to the path you’ve always wanted for youself. Totally worth every penny, thank you Dennis for everything.” – Jon Campo