What is New Code NLP?

In neuro-linguistic programming, there are two codes that are called the classic code and the new code. In the classic code, clients choose the resources selectively while in the new code, contexts are created in which the clients use their unconscious processes to make desired changes. The key difference between the two different codes is the use of your unconscious to select the resources that you need to make the changes that you desire. At Premier Life Coaching, we are able to teach you how to use this approach so that you can achieve the goals that you want in your life or in your career.

There are a number of different processes in NLP that can let you connect with your unconscious mind. When properly organized, your unconscious processes can produce long-term changes that circumvent the limitations of your conscious mind. The new code of NLP corrects some of the shortcomings of the classic code.

Some of the operating principles of the new code of NLP

Some of the operating principles of the new code include the following:

  • You assign your unconscious mind the responsibility of choosing critical elements such as new behaviors or the desired state;
  • You explicitly involve your unconscious mind in every critical step;
  • You place constraints on the choice of new behaviors so that they satisfy your positive intentions; and
  • The manipulation or change happens at the state and intention level rather than the behavioral level.

In the new code approach, you create your resource states directly by participating in an activity such as a game. This activity helps you to create a high-performance state that doesn’t have content or history attached to it. In the classic code approach, you might use a historical state. However, the historical state may bring with it associations and other material that is not relevant. Using games under the new code helps to activate specific neural circuits that can serve as the foundation for changes in the context that you have chosen. The games are based on the following chain that leads to excellence. Performance leads to your state, which leads to your physiology, which leads to your respiration.

Performance allows you to have access to many resources at your unconscious level. The most effective way to activate this state is by manipulating your physiology, and one of the most effective ways to manipulate your physiology is through your breathing patterns. Using this chain allows you to shift a part of your experience. You have the ability to perform excellently because of states that involve specific areas of your physiology. The way in which your performance and behavior are connected to your physiology allows you to communicate and to calibrate. The chain is a strategy that systematically accesses the power of your unconscious mind.

The new code change

Change under the new code causes you to go into a high-performance state. When you are in this state, you are freed from expectations and internal representations. You will be able to access all of your response patterns equally so that your unconscious mind will be given the responsibility to choose among the practiced patterns that you have learned during your preparations without your conscious interference. There are four simple steps of change under the new code of NLP, including the following:

  • Choose a context in which you would like to have a different quality of experience;
  • Don’t change anything and try to see, hear, and feel the situation;
  • Play the game so that you can enter your high-performance state; and
  • At the end of the game, step back into the space in which step two happened.

In the new code, an emphasis is placed on the maps that happen between the stimuli and receptors in your nervous system instead of on all of the changes that subsequently occur. NLP patterning occurs in your representations and your mental maps rather than in the world itself. These representations can be manipulated. The new code approach extends calibration and helps to bring about generative change.

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