What Is The Meta Model NLP Technique

What Is The Meta Model NLP Technique?

Neuro-linguistic programming is a study of communication between the mind, emotions, and body. Using NLP techniques can help you to achieve your goals in a broad range of areas much faster than traditional psychotherapeutic approaches. Each person has his or her own internal model of the world. The meta-model within NLP techniques is a set of questions that are designed to expand your internal model of the world and challenge some of the information that it contains. At Premier Life Coaching, we are able to use NLP techniques to help you to achieve your goals.

What is an internal model?

In NLP, a central supposition is that your internal model or map of the world is not the actual territory of it. Our internal models or maps are created because of our subjective, internal experiences that we have. Each of our maps has subtle differences, and each of us believes that our own maps are right. This concept explains the confusion in the world.

How to bridge the gap

Instead of accepting that your internal map differs from how the world really is, NLP allows you to find ways to bridge the gap. There are a number of different techniques that can be used to uncover your internal map. Each person tends to have preferences such as visual, kinesthetic, or auditory, and he or she maps his or her experience of the world according to the preferences that he or she has.

The meta-model is a method that you can use to create your map using linguistics. It also allows you to use different filtering processes to distort reality such as generalizations and information deletions. Your map can contain beliefs that are unjustified and injunctions that are not relevant to your current life.

What is the clean language model?

Clean language is a therapeutic NLP technique that helps life coaches to stick as closely as possible to a client’s map. David Grove, the creator of the technique, studied transcripts from when NLP emerged. He found that the original therapists, Perls and Satir, often imposed their own maps onto their clients. At that time, counselors learned to paraphrase their clients’ words in order to try to make things more understandable.

Coaches that use the clean language model adhere rigidly to the wording used by their clients. The wording is then included within nine formal questions, and the questions are designed to help to locate it in time or space, to move it backward or forward in time, or to elaborate further on it.

Every clean language question starts with the word and. The questions can sound a little strange. For example, if a client states that he or she is stuck in a rut, the life coach may then reply something like, “And what type of stuck in a rut is your stuck in a rut?”

Coaches are also recommended to ask the questions in a manner that matches the client’s own intonation and emphasis. This helps to keep a client safe inside of his or her own map while the coach encourages him or her to investigate it. NLP instructs coaches and clients to maintain their curiosity about both their own maps and those of other people since every map differs from each other.

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NLP techniques can benefit people as they work to conquer a number of different types of issues. It is a much faster approach than traditional psychotherapeutic methods and can help you to reach your goals while enjoying a better quality of life. To learn more about the benefits of NLP techniques and how they can help you, fill out Premier Life Coaching‘s online contact form today.