Winning in Life and business How hypnosis can help

Winning in Life and business: How hypnosis can help

Many people are held back from what they want to achieve by negative thoughts in both their conscious and unconscious minds. It is possible for people to reframe how they think and feel by getting in touch with their unconscious minds. Hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming offer two methods of tapping into your unconscious, allowing you to change your perspective to one that is more positive. At PremierLife Coaching, we help people to overcome their negative thoughts so they can fully embrace life and accomplish their goals. The story of Reese Evans, an entrepreneur, illustrates how hypnosis and NLP can help you win at life.

Reese Evans before hypnotherapy and NLP

Reese Evans, a twenty-something entrepreneur, reports that she found herself stuck working in retail, a job that she disliked. Her search for a new job was lasting much longer than she had anticipated. At that time, Evans states that everything in her life seemed to be negative.

Evans said that she would awaken in the morning each day telling herself how much she hated her job, her clothing, and her appearance. She realized that her focus was on everything that she didn’t want. She worked in a job in which she felt like she wasn’t respected and at which she was underpaid and overworked.

Evans said her dissatisfaction with her life and her job at that time was a reflection of what was going on in her inner world. Her thoughts were self-sabotaging, and she believed that she simply could not be good enough. Her self-sabotaging thoughts repeated themselves over and over in her mind and negatively impacted the way that she viewed both her job and her relationships. Evans says that her actions mirrored her negative thoughts.

Evans decided to explore from where her negative thoughts had originated and went in for a hypnosis session. Following her session, Evans learned that her fear and anxiety about meeting people and about money stemmed from her childhood. Those fears were now impacting her adult life. She said her fears made her afraid to ask her boss for a raise because she was worried that she would be fired if she did. She says that she did not recognize her own worth.

During childhood, Evans watched her parents argue over child support. That translated in her adulthood of her believing that talking about money or demanding a raise, she would be hated or fired.

Today, Evans “Yes Supply” teaches NLP, hypnotherapy, and emotional freedom techniques. She says that people are in a near-constant state of hypnosis up to age seven because they have not fully developed their conscious minds. This causes young children to soak up everything that goes on around them in their environments.

How Evans changed her life

Evans recognized that she needed to change the way she thought to become more confident when she met new people and to overcome her obstacles with money. She said that she would experience anticipatory stress before a social situation and would tell herself that no one would like her. She would then act withdrawn and feel awkward, which was not inviting to others. Her negative thoughts led her to the outcomes that she did not want.

To change her negative frame of mind, Evans began to ask herself whether a negative thought was in line with who she wanted to be. If it wasn’t, she would then think the opposite thought and start believing it instead. She says that she realized that she is in control of her thoughts, and she has the power to decide what to think and what she will base her life on.

After overcoming her negativity, Evans started her own company called Yes Supply. She chose that name because she wanted people to understand that if they know that the answer would be yes, they would be clearer about what they asked for.

Evans’s company has a membership site and offers daily affirmations. There is also a coaching certification that guides people on how they can become coaches. The company originated from when she journaled about what her ideal career and life would look like. She then started a blog, and the feedback that she received led her to create her company.

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Evans’s case demonstrates that you are able to create the life that you want by changing to a more positive mind frame. Life coaching with Premier Life Coaching can help you to access your inner world so that you can identify the negative thoughts and feelings that are holding you back from achieving the life that you want. To learn more about how neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis can help you to be more successful, fill out our online contact form today.